Thanks for visiting our wedding site! We are starting all over. A marriage, new home, new life (all in less than a year). You all know our "unique" story and know we have nothing but each other and Kaitlyn...literally. We appreciate the support of our family and close friends.

We are excited to share our special day on the beach with our family! Your donations will be used for some of the furnishings we need for our home that will be finished in December.  We appreciate anything that's given. EVERYTHING from furniture to dishes, decor, silverware, pots, pans and everything in between is needed. This site should make it easy for everyone. We're not asking for a certain amount of towels or sheets, we simply need funds for necessities.

We can't wait to be married and start our lives together! This is a dream come true and we pinch ourselves everyday hoping our love isn't a dream. Thank you so much for whatever you can give. See you soon!!!!

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